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February 5, 2018

Review of the Jump Manual

A popular resource for a lot of different people trying to improve their vertical is the Jump Manual. The Jump Manual is an e-book that provides tips and advice to improve your vertical. If you follow the e-book’s instructions carefully, then you should be able to instantly improve your vertical by a few inches and gain a lot of inches over time.

The Jump Manual’s author, Jacob Hiller, is a vertical jumping trainer who has trained hundreds of athletes to a 40+ inch vertical. He has trained athletes as high as Olympic athletes and boasts a 44-inch vertical of his own.

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The book begins with the nine essentials of an explosive vertical. These are great to learn because they can tell you what you need to have to jump higher. Knowing what you need to jump higher can help you improve because you can determine what your weakness is when jumping.

Next in the Jump Manual is the laws of vertical jump improvement. These laws can tell you everything you should and should not do when trying to improve your vertical and learn how to jump higher. There is also a section on how to design your own nutrition plan. This helps because you should know how to give your body what it needs to rebuild as much muscle as it can.

The biggest part of the e-book tells you everything you need to know to design your workout. Everything from stretching in the beginning and nutrition afterwards is covered. This part will help you design your workout to best suit you and your abilities.

Continuing to get satisfactory results from your training becomes harder after a few weeks. The book provides you tips and help on how to maintain the results you see from training as much as possible. Make sure you follow this advice because you will soon hit a plateau of jumping height improvement.

The final part of this e-book explains all of the workouts that were included at any time in the book. This information is crucial so you can know what to do. The very last section is about jumping with the right form. If you can jump with the correct form it is possible that you may increase your vertical by a few inches instantly.

The Jump Manual also includes two bonus sections to go along with the main book. They are shooting coaching and an interview with Dr. Cohn. The shooting coaching is by Dave Hopla, who is an amazing shooter and holds certain world records for shooting. The second section is the interview with Dr. Patrick Cohn who has experience with all types of sports and knows about developmental strength.

To get a more comprehensive review of the jump manual and to find more resources on how to jump higher, check out Blake Helton’s website on the above mentioned links.

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