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January 19, 2018

Running Flash files With JavaScript

If you are a programmer or a browser in the mobile phone, then the news that you can run flash files with JavaScript is really exciting. For some, it is an insignifican news, but for the phone browsers, it is of great significance.


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One of the biggest complaints about smart phones like the iPhone is that it did not come with flash support in the browser. Before you blame Apple or the maker of any mobile phone realize that flash takes quite a bit of resources and is difficult to run on such low power hardware like a phone. There are also issues with taking the flash plugin and getting it to work on a phone browser that is hard. But this JavaScript version that runs flash changes everything or potentially could.


Unfortunately it’s not ready for the iPhone yet. But the iPhone does have the capability of running JavaScript quite easily. This means that in coming months that it’s possible for users to see flash based applications and web sites on the mobile phone environment. But don’t complain when you start seeing the annoying flash advertising banners that could be produced through java potentially.


For those on the desktop this is good too. The reason is because right now Adobe completely has a hold of a significant portion of the internet because they control flash. If flash becomes null and void with other options, it’s possible that it will develop more rapidly outside of a closed context. It’s possible that with the JavaScript plugin as well as HTML5 browsers that having to have Adobe’s version of flash to see pages on the internet as intended might be a thing of the past because it won’t be relied upon as much.


While these things are technically possible, it’s still going to take the hardware manufacturers to actually use the technology.


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