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March 10, 2015

Shacklett Insurance Team Announces Its Charity Program In San Antonio, TX And Debuts With Campaign To Support Families In Collaboration With The Ronald McDonald House

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) February 17, 2015

Shacklett Insurance Team in San Antonio, TX announced the debut of its charity program designed to benefit the local community. The agency will work closely with nonprofit organizations in the area, to nominate a new beneficiary every 60 days. The idea is to create campaigns to help elected individuals, families or programs with immediate support by bringing awareness and funds to those very important causes.

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To launch the program, Alfred Shacklett, the agency’s principal, has chosen to introduce The House That Heals Children. The campaign’s mission has been to provide a “home away from home” for families that live at least 30 miles away from the hospital where their child is receiving medical care. The raised funds are being directed to the capable hands of The Ronald McDonald House Charities, so they can assist those currently staying at their facilities.

“Going through the process of battling a disease can be very tough and frustrating for families. There is nothing in the world that they want more than to be together, and unfortunately many families are not able to do so. We want to support these families by providing them with a safe haven close to their child where they can find strength and support being around other families that are going through similar situations,” said Alfred Shacklett.

Each cause showcased by the agency will accompany a detailed full story about the elected cause on a designated donations page. To join the Shacklett Insurance Team in supporting The House That Heals Children, donors are encouraged to visit http://shacklettinsuranceteam.com/The-House-That-Heals-Children_9_community_cause, and share it with their friends and family through social media and email.

With the newly launched program, the Shacklett Insurance Team has taken responsibility for promoting that page through its many channels, to include its own database of thousands of customers, business partners, staff, neighbors and friends.

The agency also owns a monthly publication, Our Hometown magazine, which reserves a full page featuring the campaign. The electronic Flipbook version of the current issue of the magazine has been delivered to thousands of households, and can be accessed here: http://shacklettinsuranceteam.com/Our-Hometown-Magazine_41.

More information about the agency’s initiative and services can be found at http://shacklettinsuranceteam.com.

About Shacklett Insurance Team

Alfred Shacklett was born and raised in San Antonio and knows many local families in the community. The agency has been in the community for more than 30 years. The Shacklett Insurance Team has a goal —to protect their clients’ assets and to help them achieve their financial goals. They do this by delivering quality insurance products and the best customer service experience possible. Shacklett Insurance Team is committed to help their clients feel confident, informed, assured and satisfied with their choices. To contact an expert at Shacklett Insurance Team, please call 210-344-1818.

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