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July 30, 2014


The browsing features of Page Flip are as follows:

Page Flip can flip the pages manually with the buttons or key board.

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Page Flip has the feature of multi flip i-e flipping various and multiple pages at the same time.

Page Flip has many transitions like fade, zoom and blur.

Page Flip has many multi level transparency like thumbnail preview, thumbnail view and multi level zoom view.

Page Flip has the browser window size wider because the scaling of the book depends on the Browser window size.

Page Flip has an important feature of the table of content and information in the floating window.

Page Flip has the auto flip with the regular interval for each page.

The important building features of Page Flip are as follows:

In the Page Flip the control bar can be turned off.

In the page Flip each element of the book can be customized i-e colour, sizeand font.

In the Page Flip there is a feature of background colour, back ground sound and back ground image.

Page Flip has various or multiple 100 transitions and also it supports JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and SWF.

Page Flip has the feature of auto timing in which each image lasts according to the length of the text.

Page Flip has various random images and random transitions.

Page Flip can resizable the text or image to the extent of 1680x 1050 pixels.

Page Flip has the feature if the images are random; then the Page Flip uses the fair advertising policy.

In Page Flip the images of any sizes can be used; they will be automatically adjusted according to the image Fitting option.

Each image can optionally have different particularities, different from the overall properties of the Banner, like transition, image effect, text options, and text effects.

The other distinctive features of Page Flip are that the font can be fixed and when the current image is displayed the next image can be loaded in the background.

In spite of the above mentioned discussion and features of Page Flip it is concluded that the Page Flip provides many features to the publishers so that more and more publishers publish their text or documents on the file. flash page flip from the discussion it shows that Page Flip has many features in various classes like building and browsing features. Every features has its own important and significance. Every publisher takes the advantage while using these features because these features provide numerous characteristics to the publishers.

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