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November 30, 2014

The Apple TV created a hack that allows both iphone and ipad apps

This is the most bombarding news that the iOS developers have created a great Apple TV that allows both the ipad and iphone apps which includes You Tube and Face Book. This iOS gadget is a second generation media focus along with an ipad style A4 chip below the hood and for its operating system it has customized version of iOS 5. For streaming video from the close by ipad or iphone you can use Air Play but it doesn’t possess its own apps. The leading developers Steve troughton smith and tinker Nick both worked together on Apple TV to construct loader and boundary for apps. They have taken the help of hack known as MobileX which heaps up an ipad emulator along with a specially made Springboard that operates with the help of Apple remote.

Many times you may observe default apps like Safari and Maps, You Tube, Face Book, Angry Birds and Black market jail break app store Cydia in the various screen shots and videos on Trough ton-Smith Twitter supply which are working well. The function of the hack is that it automatically shifts and resizes the boundary elements for the better utilization of the expanded screen real estate.

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Presently Mac magic Track Pad controls the apps which is connected more to a virtual networking computing but this can slow down the apps. Smith said that the Apple TV remote gets a support from apps however is not providing actual media box hack. They have provided essential libraries so that developers can place the support of remote in their apps. But he also warns that do not submit any app to the App store.

Apple has told that there are maximum chances of selling apps for the Apple TV. Late Steve Jobs in the year 2010 September told to Bloomberg that when the right will come then Apple would automatically release an app store for the TV. There are many rumors for Apple that the company would come up with a full television set along with an inbuilt Apple TV. The company has given a statement that Apple would sell an iTV by the end of 2012. Moreover Samsung would produce chips and sharp given that displays and size of the TV may be 32 and 37 inch.
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