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March 21, 2018

The success of Boeing 787 Dreamliner in first test flight

It is wonderful that new 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft made by Boeing has successfully overcome the first test flight which took off in Everett and landed in near Seattle. It was suspiring that this flight only lasted in three hours and landed in heavy rain.


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After postponing in two and a half years because of some troubles, design problems inclusive, Dreamliner has officially appeared. It is expected to be one of the world’s most fuel-saving planes.


There are two pilots who are responsible for testing basic system consisting of the landing gear and flaps. Randy Neville, one of the pilots said that the plane has operated as they hoped. Besides that, this plane drew so much attention that there are hundreds of Boeing employees, industry guests and aircraft enthusiasts came and followed its take off and landing. Among, according to Rajesh Mirchandani, BBC correspondent, Dreamliner really remarked a crucial milestone in history page of Boeing. Right after this test flight, the Dreamliner will continue testing in nine months, with six planes flying around the clock.


The new passenger aircraft is actually outstanding because of lightweight design with carbon and titanium in material that can save both fuel and maintenance costs. Basing on the evaluation of Howard Wheeldon, a transport analyst with BGC Partners, this plane has created a revolution in aviation. It is an 80% composite material aircraft, with 35 tonnes of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, so it is a light aircraft – which means it burns less fuel. Not only, but its design helps plane fly with rapid speed in long distance without refueling. These features are only some factors that draw 840 orders from all over the globe though some have been withdrawn because of the delays.


Like Boeing, Airbus also has a lightweight airplane named A350 which is made from carbon-composite materials. Another craft of Airbus is A380 which is possible to carry larger numbers of passengers. However, it is a pity that A380 only can fly to airports that are equipped for the double-decker aircraft.


As a first all-new jet of Boeing since 1995, the project on a lightweight passenger aircraft was first revealed in July 2007. The innovativeness in the design of Dreamliner is a steep learning curve for Boeing. The company ventured into wide-ranging outsourcing and faced series of troubles that caused the delays of 787 project. For these troubles, we can mention to the shortages of parts and the difficulties of bringing together fuselage and wing structures from Japan, Italy and elsewhere in the US.


And up to now, this plane will have to pass many test programme. According to analysts, the Dreamliner has been invested more than $ 10 billion but it is impossible to know exactly how much profit the Dreamliner can bring to Boeing. It is recommended that Boeing will have some methods to compensate to customers for the late. It is expected that the first plane will be delivered to Japan’s All Nippon Airlines by the end of 2010.


It is reported that Airbus’s A400M military transport plane will carry out first test flight in Spain earlier this month.


I am a business reporter.

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