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April 5, 2018

The Use Of A Car Warning Radar Is Legal

According to an article of the Highway Code, it’s totally legal to use radar warning. It’s not the case with radar detectors that are sensitive in the presence of radars which emit waves that interferes with radar operations. So when you are planning to buy one, you should know that the use of warning radars is not illegal.


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How Does A Car Warning Radar Operate?

The operation of the warning radar is based on GPS (Global Positioning System). The process is very simple: just download the list of radars locations and dangerous areas through a CD-ROM or the Internet and store it in the device. This list is compiled by the police.


A warning is triggered upon approaching these areas. The alarm does not detect the waves but uses data downloaded to warn the driver. A regular update is needed because the list changes constantly. Be careful when buying! Some manufacturers are charging their customers to upgrade without any other additional service. Do not hesitate to buy an alarm with free update. Acquisition time varies depending on the satellite models. This time determines the ability of the device to receive more or less quickly the GPS signal. Also check that the alarm works well with a thermal windshield which is used by most new cars.


Different types of radar warning

The autonomous warning radar comes assembled in a casing with integrated GPS antenna. The signal output can be either audible or visual function according to different models. The most fastidious can choose alarms, with voice messages, this option is less widespread and yet expensive. Some have a LED screen that displays other parameters such as speed, for example. The update is required for optimal use. To do this, simply connect the alarm to a PC with Internet access via USB and the update is done automatically.


The warning radar can be integrated with GPS. The GPS includes maps, software and a function that would trigger a signal upon reaching within the area of the presence of some radar. The list of the radars can be downloaded from the site of the manufacturer. It also identifies the warning radar on a mobile device. The warning radar may be included in a browser or governed by some standalone software. Most of the supply of radar warning on mobile is a chargeable service. Finally there is GPS Mobile Alert that can transform its mobile warning to radars.


The advantage of this system is the automatic update is done each time you start the function. The mobile screen displays the alert type and speed limits and vehicle speed. Until now, this application is only compatible with some models of mobiles.


Article by: Dre Lee is tourism marketing professional and is actively engaged in Car Rental Management. He is also a publisher of the website entitled Car Mauritius

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