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What Is A Flipbook And How They Are Used Today
August 3, 2014

What Is A Flipbook And How They Are Used Today

A flip book is also known as a flick book. It is a book containing pictures that vary minimally from one to another. This is purposely done, so that when the pages are flipped quickly, the successive images merge and create the sensation of a motion picture. This motion depends on an individuals persistence of vision, in order to make the illusion that regular movements is being seen rather than a series of discontinuous images being exchanged in a short span of time.

Till recently, flipbooks were considered as toys for children. Not any more. They used to play a vital part in the formation of motion pictures but now are considered as collector’s item. These flipbooks from the past are now called vintage books.

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Although the use of flipbooks has died out drastically as the years have passed, they are still making a comeback in several types of marketing events. There was a time when a flipbook was offered in boxes of Cracker Jacks as prizes for children. It was a normal method of telling a story with genuinely no words at all.

Flipbooks were considered an innovation in the 1800s but in todays world marketers are once again looking towards them as a new form of experiential marketing to get a hold of their audiences. Even party planners are using flipbooks in promotional events nowadays.

Corporate events often do not provide any source of excitement as it is about familiar people, subordinates indulging and getting together in the same type of conversations, having lunch or dining and listening to the long speeches. In this case, flipbooks are an easy, effective, inexpensive way to spice up a mundane corporate event, especially considering the global meltdown.

Setting up a booth where flipbooks are being made has now emerged as the latest marketing apparatus at corporate events. People visiting the booth are offered a flipbook. This helps the company to improve its brand in a personalized way. Flipbooks are now considered as a promotional tool which helps in personalized brand building at a very low cost.

Flipbooks are considered as an excellent present to make the employees feel wanted in various intra-company events like annual days and employee retreats. Flipbook covers can also be customized and designed according to the requirements of the concerned individual. With the state of the art technology and equipment in disposal, it takes less than a minute on an average to make a flipbook.

Every movement and emotion displayed while posing in front of the camera can be preserved for posterity in a flipbook. It is also possible to show customized scrolling message on the flipbook for guests attending the event.

Nowadays, there are specialized firms who provide this kind of customized service, at a very low price. They cover everything, from setting up the 10 X 10 booth to capturing photographs to actually printing the books. The most fantastic thing about this is that, everything gets done in one location in front of the customers themselves. It’s is actually a wonderful thing, because once which was considered as a children’s game and a hobby is now being used competently to convey a message for grownups.

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