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December 30, 2014

Where Do Book Ideas Come From? Writers Give Some Insight at Writers West

Helena, MT (PRWEB) November 7, 2005

Writers Talk–First Stage came online in March, and twice a month features a different comment by Writers West authors. These aren’t reviews or publisher’s blurbs. The authors give interesting and sometimes witty details about how their book idea came about. The articles are archived, so readers can easily find previous author comments. Writers Talk–First Stage gives background to fiction and nonfiction books, Old West sagas and romance stories.

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The pages are a continuation of the Writers West mission — to connect readers to authors. Writers West books are not obtained from distributors; the authors provide the books and set the online price (often discounted from other stores), and the books they send are autographed. This personal touch is great for gift giving.

“As a writer, I’m always interested in what prompts other writers to their stories,” says bookstore owner, K Cheatham. “I’ve learned a lot about the authors who have their books at Writers West by reading the back stories they send.”

At Writers West all the books offered for sale are about some facet of the American West. Often a small segment of history spawns a story, but when the history is so vast and complex, it’s interesting to learn what drew an author to one particular aspect of it. Some fiction authors have a character in mind, while others are drawn first to the land, or a certain era of history.

Read First Stage comments by

Nancy M. Peterson, who wrote the acclaimed People Of The Old Missury, People Of The Moonshell, and People Of Troubled Water

Sandra M. McGee, co-author of Divorce Seekers: A Photo Memoir Of A Nevada Dude Wrangler

K Follis Cheatham, has two comments about her fiction–Kansas Dreamer: Fury In Sumner County, and her popular children’s book Spotted Flower And The Ponokomita

Philip Swatek, on controversial early 20th Century Oklahoma–The Pontotoc Conspiracy

Elizabeth Butler, tells what prompted her first book– The Colonel’s Wife

popular children’s author, Eugene Gagliano on Secrets Of The Black Widow

Ellen Gray Massy, on the unique photo collection The Bittersweet Ozarks At A Glance, and on two other of her books,–The Burnt District (fiction) and –A Candle Within Her Soul (biography)

Richard S. Wheeler, on his popular Skye’s West series

Eugene C. Vories, on –Pinon Mesa

Writers Talk makes authors more accessible to their readers. Each article contains contact information with the authors through links to an official Web site as well as to the Writers West bookshelf that has the referenced autographed book.

Kernels of something unique start a story budding in a writer’s mind. Writers West authors share those first stages at Writers Talk.

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