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December 11, 2014

Wiki Leaks Showing Reality

Wiki leaks has been in the news for the past few days due to mounting pressure from the Indian Government on the issue of classified security leak issue and the subsequent apology offered by the US government.

Wiki leaks first appearance in public was in January 2007 and since then this website has acted as a whistle blower on many occasions. Most of the nations worldwide protect their information and classified documents in the most sophisticated way due to their nature and the results they could have on the public in general.

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Not too many government organizations are fans of wikileaks.org, so its not surprising that Wiki Leaks have many powerful enemies. These enemies have stemmed from the whistle blowing nature of Wiki leaks which has put into dock many of the strong nations and their leaders in the past.

It could be that they published the largest source of incriminating leaked documents from the US-led Iraq invasion, or they are in the presence of something much more severe. It is estimated that wiki leaks has 1.2 million documents in their database.

Personally, we here at Strongman Digital thing that Wiki Leaks empowers and even glorifies leaked information. This could also be a good sign as the common man in almost all nations is not allowed access to this kind of information as he maybe directly affected by the contents of the document.

We also think this is extremely important for Freedom of Speech, for which without it, our news outlets, Twitter, Facebook and lives in general would be under the constant heavy hand of some governmental power.

So who is attacking Wiki Leaks? Many seem to think it is the government organizations themselves. Who would want to see Wiki Leaks go down? The general public certainly doesnt. At the moment there is a need for more such websites to come up locally and globally who can provide people with insights into what is going on around them and what their governments are trying to show them. Sometimes there is a lot of difference.

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