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September 14, 2014

Word Search Puzzle Creator

Word search puzzles, at first glance just appear as a jumble of random letters arranged in a grid. If you look more closely however, you will see that they contain words. The challenge of solving the puzzle is to find all the words hidden within the jumble – the reasons why it’s no easy task include the fact that not all the letters are part of words (some are just there to put you off), and that the words can be in any orientation at all – horizontally, vertically, diagonal, in each case either forwards or backwards.

Word search puzzles are very popular in newspapers and magazines, and you may  have encountered puzzle books full of them. Part of this is because they can be easily tailored in various ways:

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* The words included in the grid can be selected on any subject or topic

* The size of the grid can be varied

* The grid can even be shaped to make a particular theme. For example, a puzzle containing words relating to dinosaurs might be in the shape of a sauropod, or a puzzle containing words on a Christmas theme could be in the shape of a Christmas tree.

If you publish a newsletter or magazine (including perhaps a school, church newsletter, or in-house business journal), then you might want to consider including a word search puzzle in. Teachers and parents may also wish to consider creating word search puzzles – they provide a fun indoor activity for kids, and may even help with spelling and vocabulary.

One thing that you may be wondering is how to create a word search puzzle. There are basically two approaches – the old-fashioned way, which is to create them by hand (which of course incredibly tedious and time consuming) – or the modern alternative, namely to use your computer. With the right software, creating word search puzzles is a breeze – just enter your list of words, select the grid size, and the computer will create the puzzle for you in seconds.

By S. Tanna. Discover how to become a word search puzzle creator at http://www.wordsearchprinter.com.

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