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September 29, 2014

Youth Congress Membership Drive

People often complain of corruption.  They rightly do so because it affects aam adami the most.  It diverts money instead of being available for educating the youth, healthcare services and low cost housing for the poor and marginalized sections.  It also affects the other nation building activities.

Our economy is growing and generating wealth for the country.  But because of corruption the gains of economic growth are not reaching all the people equitably. Gulf between the rich and poor is widening day by day.

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Everybody says there is need to put a stop to the corruption.  Talking about is not enough; somebody has to come forward to do it.  By a quick-fix method symptoms can be suppressed but malady will not go.  It will subside temporarily only to reappear again with full intensity.  This is what we have been seeing happening over the years. The real need is for carrying out systemic changes so that effective and lasting results could be achieved which are long overdue.

It is the political system that brings out necessary changes at national level. However, the problem lies in the way the political parties are structured. There is no internal democracy in the political parties. The leaders are nominated instead of being elected on the strength of their performance and ability. Such nominated leaders instead of devoting themselves in finding ways and means to rid the corruption from the country prefer to play safe and let the system keeping going on the way it is.

Rahul Gandhi is the first young dynamic leader who has not only given a serious thought to this problem of corruption but is also grappling with it.  He felt that the best way to understand the problems of the people is to visit the affected people, interact with them and to know their views. Many old timers did not believe in all this.   But only after visiting the houses of the poor it dawned upon the young leader that there was disconnect between the affected people and the political leadership which was to address the problem.

The young leader determined in the same way to reach out the grass root party workers in different states and interacted with.  He found that instead of actual performance preference was given to ‘connections’. The AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi found that the problem was that Youngsters were eager to get into the system but the door was closed for them.

He realized that if the way the politics works was to be changed then the youth had to step in to bring the necessary changes.  The door could open only when democracy would come into political parties. When the decision making process of political parties would get decentralized then only new generation will be able to join political system. Rahul Gandhi felt amazed that no one was talking about organizational democracy except Youth Congress.

To break the vicious nexus of nominations and ‘connection’, Rahul Gandhi decided to introduce complete democratic election system in the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) organization at all levels. In future only performance and merit were to be the criteria for going up the ladder in the organization.

“I believe in the Youth of the country” – If you give Youth of this Country responsibility they will act carefully – sensibly. I am for elections in Political Party”, Rahul Gandhi said. “I have a specific request to youngsters who are educated, who are talented and particularly youngsters who understand big systems and build big systems”, he further said.

The efforts of Rahul Gandhi to bring democratic process in the IYC and organizational decision that grass root party workers to be vital link between the people facing problems in the neighborhood and district/regional leaders has set in motion good results and a chain of success stories.

Wherever IYC held the elections be it inPunjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Tripura no one raised finger on the process.  So much so that people from  Akali Dal, CPM, AIADMK, DMK admitted that the elections in Youth Congress was free and fair. It’s a revolutionary step that speaks of the courage, conviction and vision of the young leader Rahul Gandhi.

Adopting the same principle of performance and merit a number of IYC workers recently secured ticket for contesting assembly elections in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.  After a year the election will take place in Uttar Pradesh and gradually the system will have its own depth. There’ll be one organization (IYC) from where new Youngsters will come into politics”, Rahul Gandhi said.

It is only the Youth Congress which is committed to principles. It extends invitation to educated and talented youth to come forward to fulfill their dreams of public service, participate in introduction of innovative schemes and technologies in the economic sphere and help in implementing important measures to root out corruption from Indian political system.  The doors of the IYC are open to dedicated youth who can aspire from a grass root worker to climb the ladder to regional and national leadership.  Only Youth Congress can do it for the youth because it believes in the potential of the youth.  Also because it the Congress that has had a glorious past and bright future for the youth and young India.

The site, pressbrief.in, is a veritable treasure house of videos, audios and rare photographs featuring the Gandhis. You can surf the Pressbrief.in all the way back to Jawaharlal Nehrus, Rajiv Gandhi the light has gone out of our lives speech. You can rewind to the rivetting 1999 Lok Sabha campaign in Rae Bareli, when Priyanka Vadra ferociously attacked Arun Nehru, calling him a backstabber. And you can watch all of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi current campaign footage and Press Releases.

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