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February 15, 2019

Books at Berlinale 2019: Both New and Bestselling Titles Offered to Producers

At this year’s Books at Berlinale event, filmmakers were again introduced to a dozen publishers’ titles curated for their potential screen development. The post Books at Berlinale 2019: Both New and Bestselling Titles Offered to Producers appeared first on Publishing Perspectives. Publishing Perspectives

February 15, 2019

Andrea Levy: Small Island author dies aged 62

Levy was best known for books including the best-selling Small Island and The Long Song. BBC News – Entertainment & Arts

February 13, 2019

Jim Steyer runs the powerful nonprofit Common Sense Media; now he’s using his influence to battle big tech

California Governor Gavin Newsom earlier today proposed a so-called digital dividend that would let consumers share in the profits generated by California-based tech companies that have been “collecting, curating and monetizing” their users’ personal data. Newsom added that he has asked his administration to develop a proposal for a “new data dividend for Californians, because we […]

February 11, 2019

Lilt is building a machine translation business with humans at the core

The ability to quickly and automatically translate anything you see using a web service is a powerful one, yet few expect much from it other than a tolerable version of a foreign article, menu, or street sign. Shouldn’t this amazing tool be put to better use? It can be, and a company called Lilt is […]

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