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June 28, 2015

Latest Page Flip Indesign News

iStudio Publisher 1.0.4 iStudio Publisher aims to fill the gaping hole in the page layout software market that lies between Apple's Pages ( ) and the pro-level powerhouses, QuarkXPress 3.5 mice ( ) and Adobe InDesign ( ). … in a page layout tool: master pages to place … Read more on Macworld Pantone iPhone […]

June 7, 2015

Latest Page Flip Indesign News

Take control of how files open Now, native documents (that is, .doc or .docx files for Word, .indd files for Adobe InDesign, and so on) still open in their parent applications, but common file types—for instance, .txt, .jpg, and .html—open in more generalized applications, such as … Read more on Macworld

May 21, 2015

Latest Page Flip Indesign News

Piastres en masse at Bibi's Patisserie A group of die hard patrons of a particular restaurant or business coordinate a social gathering at said business on a certain day with the single goal of each participant spending a pre-determined amount of money, which in turn delivers a much … Read more on The INDsider Surf […]

March 22, 2015

Latest Page Flip Indesign News

Turning my office inside-out Packing up my office this weekend, in anticipation of the Reader's August 1 move to 350 N. Orleans, I was forced to sift and sort through 15 years' worth of crap, which turned out to be a real trip down memory lane—maybe not a lane, more like a back … Read […]

January 25, 2015

Latest Page Flip Indesign News

How to Align Text Vertically and Horizontally in InDesign With Adobe InDesign, you can align text horizontally as well as vertically within a text frame on the page. Aligning text horizontally gives you the ability to justify the text to the left, center or right of the frame, while vertical alignment pushes … Read more […]

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